bark mulch

Bulk landscaping supplies

At Nichol's Landscaping Centre we have a full range of products needed to make your garden beautiful!

We sell bulk landscape products by the scoop, there’s approximately 3 scoops per cubic metre.


MarvelMulch - fine granulated bark - ideal soil conditioner when mixed with peat - composts well - ideal for Woodland gardens

Bark Nuggets - great looking bark - helps suppress weeds - great moisture retention - ideal for windy areas

Crinklebark - very attractive finish to the garden - excellent weed suppression - very long lasting/durable

Woodchips - economical - excellent weed suppression - spread a 75 to 100 mm layer over garden


Compost and Soil

Farmyard Compost - a blend of animal manure and rotted sawdust - all purpose compost - incorporate into existing soil - ideal for both flower and vegetable gardens

Mushroom Compost - rotted straw and animal manure - also contains peat - excellent for conditioning soil - use for both flowers and vegetables

Super Garden Mix - a new bulk planting mix suitable for vegetable and flower gardens and general shrub planting. Contains blood 'n bone, seaweed and sheep pellets to promote healthy growth.

Peat - ideal mulch for around acid loving plants such as rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias - ideal soil conditioner/improves drainage - excellent mixed with Marvelmulch

Topsoil - quality topsoil - ideal mixed with compost for garden beds - excellent base for new lawn when mixed with sand - NB: Topsoil is a natural unsterilised product and can contain weeds, seeds and other debris


Otatara Pebbles - ornamental cover - great for a low maintenance garden - Tip: Use weed matting under pebbles to help suppress weeds

Gold Pebbles - ideal topping for driveways and paths - ornamental garden features - Tip: Use weed matting under pebbles to help suppress weeds

White Pebbles - ideal topping for driveways and paths - for garden and landscaping features - Tip: Use weed matting under pebbles to help suppress weeds

Lime Chips - ideal on paths - composts well and looks great

Riverstone - low maintenance - looking good as an ornamental cover - ideal for use around water features and water gardens

Schist Rock - decorative cover - great for low maintenance gardens - great in and around water features - looks great wet!

Sand and Gravel

Concrete Mix - premium gravel aggregation - easily mixed with cement for a smooth finish

Crusher Dust - ideal for final paving preparation - excellent on paths - compacts well

Clean Metal - sub-base preparation for paving - ideal for driveways - compacts well

Driveway Chips - ideal for drainage/Novaflow - suitable for driveway toppings and paths

Beach Sand - clean, washed sand - ideal for sandpits - can be mixed with topsoil for lawn preparation

Horticultural Sand - washed sharp sand - ideal for planting - excellent for horticultural uses


Australian Hardwood Sleepers - very durable/long lasting - create that 'rustic' look

Macrocarpa Sleepers - economical - hard wearing/long lasting

Cement and Concrete (bags)

General Purpose Concrete - ideal for pathways, steps, mowing strips and footings

Fast Set Concrete - no mixing required - sets in 15 minutes

Premium Portland Cement - ideal for footings/foundations

Pavetight Sand - creates a durable flexible joint for pavers - resistant to weeds and insect infestation

Pea Straw

Pea Straw - economical weed suppression - breaks down to rich black mulch - great moisture retention


Premium Firewood - mixture of pine and oregon - nice and dry





Please Note - not all products available in all stores