No matter where you live Nichol's can give you a beautiful, healthy, growing lawn. Whether it's for kids and pets or a bowling green - we can provide the right lawn for any situation.



Readylawn is a premium rolled turf, cultivated in regional conditions by regional agents. Your Readylawn at the time of installation is about one year old and has survived the trauma of germination, weed infestation, pest and disease threats and has been mown, brushed, sprayed, fed, watered and rolled to become resilient and mature enough to transplant.




The hydrolawn system is proven. Specially formulated environmentally friendly wood-fibre mulches are sprayed on-site. Domestic and commercial.

The Benefits of Hydrolawn:

  • Domestic mulches are coloured green;
  • The mulch formula stabilises seed, fertiliser and soil in unfavourable weather conditions;
  • Provides proven stability in more demanding terrain - i.e. steep slopes;
  • Special formula product is used for commercial application.