landscape design

we offer a full landscape design service

Including consultation, concept design, planting plans, plant placement and construction detailing.

Our design service can cater for a range of clients including residential (home owners), commercial, schools and property developers.

The following packages provide a range of services to meet    the individual needs of each client.

1. Consultation

An on-site visit to discuss with clients their ideas and  aspirations, to assess and communicate problems and possibilities of the site, assist with planting queries, to indicate general design solutions and to address specific areas where required. This meeting generally takes between 1-2 hours.

2. Design Sketches

This includes consultation, as above, with additional hand drawn rough concept sketches produced to communicate the design ideas to the client. These sketches are suitable to communicate ideas, but would not be suitable for construction purposes. This would normally take approximately 4 hours.

3. General Concept Design

This includes consultation as above. The existing site features and elements are measured, assessed and surveyed which enables a base plan to be constructed prior to the development of a design concept.

A concept design, drawn in plan view, is drawn to scale. This concept is then presented to the client for further discussion.

4. (a) Planting Plan

On completion of the concept design, the planting plan is an itemised planting schedule for trees, shrubs and ground covers, coded and quantities specified enabling easy interpretation by client or contractor. Requested plants by the client shall be incorporated into the plan where possible.

4. (b) Plant Placement Service

This includes a site visit to assess the varieties of plants that are required. The plants will then be sourced and supplied and can be planted, if required.

5. Construction Details

The construction drawings are undertaken after the completion of the concept design. Construction drawings are scaled working drawings which enable clarification of design and construction. Construction drawings will be required when applying for a building permit, to comply with local council requirements.