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Standard (80cm)

Rose Name Category Description Colour Group Price
Absolutely Fabulous

Standard Butter gold blooms in old fashioned form. Bushy plant. Strong fragrance. Yellow $49.99
Auckland Metro

Standard This rose looks most beautiful when fully open. Perfect-creamy white blooms, exceptionally free flowering. Good for picking. Powerful fragrance. 1m. White/Cream $49.99

Standard Large soft coral pink blooms spiralled in a perfect shape. Light scent. Pink/Purple $49.99
Angels Delight

Standard Large rich apriot flowers on single stems. Lovely fragrance. Apricot/Orange $49.99
Apricot Scentasia

Standard Attractive flowers of lightish apricot. Apricot/Orange $49.99

Standard Porcelain pink floribunda with abundance of blooms. Disease resistant foliage. Pink/Purple $49.99

Standard Masses of creamy white blooms cover this hardy medium grower. Very healthy rose. Light fragrance. White/Cream Unavailable in 2019
Blackberry Nip

Standard Deep unfading purple blooms of medium size on long stems, ideal for picking. Flowers early and repeats well, with dark silver-grey foliage. Powerful old-fashioned fragrance. Pink/Purple $49.99
Burgundy Iceberg

Standard This burgundy beauty is identical to its parent except in colour. And wow! The richest, plushest royal velvets of kings, a luxurious regal burgundy wine.


Charming Bells

Standard Dense arching brances smothered in dark foliage and masses of delicate pale salmon pink flowers.


Crystal Fairy

Standard Crisp clear white flowers, showy against the small tidy dark green foliage. White/Cream $49.99
Standard Unique reddish brown, fully double ‘old rose’ shape borne on attractive healthy foliage. Red $49.99
Diamond Design

Standard Traditional style HT blooms with a kiss of pink of the petal tips. Pink/Purple $49.99
Diamonds Forever

Standard Fragrant soft yellow, paling out at the edges, strong compact growth to 1.2 metres. Fragrant. Yellow $49.99
Double Delight

Standard Creamy white with pink edges. Quite spectacular, makes a beautiful cut flower. Very fragrant. 1m. Pink/Purple $49.99
Eye Candy
Standard Clusters of medium pink blooms with a cream reverse. Tidy compact habit. An extremely healthy rose. Pink/Purple $49.99
Fond Memories
Standard Small clusters of soft apricot-cream perfectly formed flowers, vigorous plant. Apricot/Orange $49.99

Standard Outstanding yellow with clusters of medium size blooms, prolific flowering. One of the first to flower. Fragrant. Yellow $49.99
Hamilton Gardens
Standard Scrumptious blend of cream, apricot, peach and salmon. Large, spiralled, perfectly formed flowers. Performs right throughout the season. 1m. Apricot/Orange $49.99
Hayley Westenra
Standard Beautiful double frilly flowers in shades of apricot-salmon pink, with highlights of cream and peach. Delightful scent. 1m. Apricot/Orange Unavailable in 2019

Standard Clusters of pure white blooms which keep flowering. Strong tall grower, disease resistant. White/Cream $49.99
Lasting Love

Standard Fragrance award. Dusky red buds open to showy deep red blooms. An extremely healthy modern rose with wonderful glossy foliage and stocky, compact growth. Heavenly, powerful fragrance. Red SOLD OUT
Lemon 'n' Lime

Standard A exciting new floribunda rose that has blooms of lemon with green tinges. Yellow $49.99
Love Me Do

Standard Ivory white classic blooms open to a warm peach centre, produced in abundance. Healthy glossy green foliage. Stunning fragrance. White/Cream $49.99
Loving Memory

Standard Large perfect blooms of cherry red with strong stems. A tall upright bush with glossy green foliage. Moderately scented. Red $49.99
Margaret Merril

Standard True pearly white blooms tinted with soft pink. Born in small clusters on a vigorous medium bush with dark green foliage. Very highly scented. White/Cream $49.99
Memories of You
Standard Tones of salmon-pink apricot and lemon, large blooms and a strong fragrance. Pink/Purple $49.99
Moody Blues

Standard Large, beautifully formed blooms of lilac-blue. A strong grower flowering very prolifically. Healthy, light grey-green foliage. Perfume is musky. Pink/Purple $49.99
Mum in a Million

Standard Stunning large HT blooms of soft pink with a knockout perfume cover the plant in profusion. Long stems, flowering for extremely long periods, healthier grower.
Pink/Purple $49.99

Standard Ever changing shades of honey-yellow to orange red. Flowers continuously. Apricot/Orange $49.99
Standard Lovely lemon buds open to shades of buttery lemon in the very centre but fade off to pure white, perfume is musky. White/Cream SOLD OUT
Standard Possibly the world's best known and loved rose. A delicate soft yellow edged with pink. Sturdy vigorous bush. Wonderful as a cut flower. Multi award winner. Lightly fragrant. 1.2m. Yellow $49.99
Pink Bells
Standard Small bright pink double flowers, freely produced, weeping habit. Pink/Purple $49.99
Princess Alexandra

Standard Deepest magenta pink rose with frilled edge, the flower is large and has a strong fragrance. Pink/Purple $49.99
Standard Deep purple flat old-fashioned blooms. Terrific health with a huge amount of flower production. A bed of this will add fragrance to your entire garden. Huge fragrance. 1m. Pink/Purple $49.99
Red Bells
Standard Bright crimson flowers smother the plant, good weeping habit.


Limited numbers available in 2018

Remember Me
Standard Warm tones of coppery-orange irradiated with yellow. Well formed medium blooms singly or clustered on a strong upright bush. Award winner. Soft fragrance. 1m. Apricot/Orange SOLD OUT
Standard Dark red double blooms and dark shiny green foliage. Very strong fragrance. Red SOLD OUT
Standard A stunning display of colour fast yellow blooms, very healthy. Yellow $49.99
Sexy Rexy
Standard Masses of baby pink blooms on a healthy bush. Pink/Purple $49.99
Standard Lovely soft creamy yellow blooms of an exquisite form. Free flowering. White/Cream $49.99
Scented Memory
Standard Large double blooms of apricot blends, very fragrant. Repeat flowering. Apricot/Orange $49.99

Standard Very healthy plant of repeat flowering sparkling white flowers. White/Cream $49.99
Spirit of Hope

Standard The official Red Cross Rose. Hybrid Tea. Brilliant red flowers in trusses on a healthy plant. Med-tall.  Red $49.99
Strawberry Blonde

Standard Masses of golden apricot blooms that soften with age. Flowers have a nice form and a very good fragrance. Apricot/Orange $49.99

Standard Large HT shaped blooms of golden yellow with a fine pinkie orange flow to the outer petal. Apricot/Orange $49.99
Tequila Sunrise

Standard Rich deep golden yellow blooms tipped orange-red. Freely produced. Brilliant garden display with an abundance for picking. Dense and bushy. Award winner. Mild scent. Apricot/Orange $49.99
Top Shelf

Standard The underside of the blooms are tarnished copper complemented by shades of terracotta on the upper side. Apricot/Orange $49.99

Standard Masses of luminous red blooms on a compact plant. Red $49.99
Valentine Heart

Standard Continuously smothered in lilac pink blooms on a bushy plant. Pink/Purple $49.99

Standard Rich mauve-pink semi-rosette shaped flowers set in profusion. A strong grower with bushy habit and good disease resistance. Good repeater. Lovely fragrance. Pink/Purple Unavailable in 2019
White Bells
Standard Clusters of creamy white double flowers on arching branches, shiny dark green foliage. White/Cream $49.99
White Romance

Standard Rob quotes this as technically the best rose he has ever bred. Extremely healthy with a nice rounded compact habit, the bush smothers itself with stunning pure white blooms complemented by rich dark glossy green foliage. This rose should rival iceberg. White/Cream $49.99

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