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Old-Fashioned Bush

Rose Name Category Description Colour Group Price

Old-Fashioned Bush Rugosa: A bushy rose with dense foliage. Blooms are fully double in tones of amber yellow fading to white. Repeats well throughout summer. Strongly fragrant. 1.8m. Yellow $32.99

Old-Fashioned Bush Huge heads of light pink, small, single flowers borne throughout summer. 1m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Blanc Double de Coubert

Old-Fashioned Bush Rugosa:An abundance of semi double pure white flowers, very fragrant. Strong scent. 2m. White/Cream $32.99
Cecile Brunner

Old-Fashioned Bush China: Very soft pink, buttonhole-type blooms. Very vigorous pillar-type growth. Almost always in flower. Sweet and spicy fragrance. 3mx3m. Pink/Purple Unavailable in 2019
Comte de Chambord

Old-Fashioned Bush Portland: A unusual grey-green foliage with large flowers of rich warm pink. The continuously produced flowers are excellent for cutting. Heady fragrance. .9m. Pink/Purple $32.99

Old-Fashioned Bush

Hybrid Musk. Sprays of pale coral pink semi double flowers, borne continuously into late autumn. 2m.

Pink/Purple $32.99

Old-Fashioned Bush Climbing Noisette: Medium apricot double flowers borne freely on the spreading growth. Repeat flowering. Sweet fragrance. 3.5mx1.5m. Apricot/Orange $32.99

Old-Fashioned Bush

Hybrid Musk: Semi-double pink fading to blush-white blooms on a compact bushy plant with nice foliage. Repeat flowering. Richly fragrant. 1.2m.

Sorry unavailable in 2018

Pink/Purple Unavailable in 2019
Frau Dagmar Hastrupp

Old-Fashioned Bush Rugosa: Single clear pink flowers with prominent stamens. Compact healthy growth, with crimson fruit. Hardy plants that withstand coastal conditions. Very fragrant. 1.2m. Pink/Purple $32.99
General Gallieni

Old-Fashioned Bush A popular old fashioned rose which is happy in sun or shade, producing cupped fragrant flowers of coppery red. Red unavailable in 2019
Gruss an Aachen

Old-Fashioned Bush Floribunda: Medium sized blooms which are pale orange-red with yellow opening to a pearly blush and cream. An ideal rose for the border. Rich dark green foliage. Pleasing fragrance. 1 metre White/Cream $32.99
Irene Watts

Old-Fashioned Bush Shrub: Blooms of a wonderful soft apricot, with deeper orange tones at the heart. Compact growth and disease resistant. Reliable repeat bloomer. Soft fragrance. 1m Pink/Purple $32.99

Old-Fashioned Bush Damask: Pre dates 1832 .Flowers in spring with very fragrant, double pink blooms. Holds it shape and colour well. Upright. Strong fragrance. 1.2m. Pink/Purple Unavailable in 2019
Jacques Cartier

Old-Fashioned Bush  Portland:Large, rich pink flowers fading paler double, with a pleasant folded form, very fragrant. 1968. 1m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Madame Hardy

Old-Fashioned Bush Damask: Considered to be one of the most beautiful white roses ever bred. Medium, double, button-eye, cupped bloom form. Flowers once but for a long period. Strong fragrance. 1.5m. White/Cream $32.99
Madame Isaac Pereire

Old-Fashioned Bush Bourbon: Beautiful large, shaggy blooms of purplish deep-pink. Few other Bourbons can rival its bold character. Free flowering and can be used as a small climber. Amazing fragrance. 2m. Pink/Purple $32.99

Old-Fashioned Bush China:Ever changing shades of honey-yellow to orange red. Flowers continuously. 1m. Apricot/Orange $32.99

Old-Fashioned Bush Hybrid Musk: Semi-double opening flat creamy pink blooms that repeat on an attractive plant. Has an abundance of orange-pink fruit. Strong fragrance. 1.8m. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Perle d'Or

Old-Fashioned Bush China: Small double creamy-apricot to pink clusters. Small urn-shaped buds open to double narrow petalled blooms of honey-pink. Perpetual. Delightfully fragrant. 1.2m. Apricot/Orange $32.99

Old-Fashioned Bush Hybrid Musk:Large trusses of small, semi-double creamy white flowers flushed with pink. Strong, rather upright, bushy growth. Lovely fragrance.  White/Cream $32.99
Rose Rugosa Alba

Old-Fashioned Bush Rugosa: Single white flowers over summer and autumn are followed by large, shiny orange-red hips. A strong growing, disease free bush. Light fragrance. 1.5m. White/Cream $32.99
Rose Rugosa Rubra

Old-Fashioned Bush Single blooms of carmine pink with a mild fragrance. Tough rose that will take it all. Occasional repeat later in summer. Lovely big hips. Pink/Purple $32.99

Old-Fashioned Bush Rugosa: Large mauve-pink single flowers. Light green wrinkled foliage and superb large round red hips in autumn. Flowers all season. Strong growing. Carnation like fragrance. 1.8m. Pink/Purple $32.99

Old-Fashioned Bush Tea Rose:Large flowered climber of creamy white, rosette shaped blooms. Moderate fragrance.  White/Cream $32.99
Sophie's Perpetual

Old-Fashioned Bush China:silver-pink cupped flowers are shapely and double on this lovely plant. Lovely fragrance. 2.2m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Souvenir de St. Annes

Old-Fashioned Bush Delicate, beautifully formed flowers of blush pink, fading almost to white. Repeat-flowering and strongly fragrant. Pink/Purple $32.99
Tuscany Superb

Old-Fashioned Bush Gallica: This wonderful old rose has large, velvety, blackish-crimson flowers. Vigorous upright growth, flowering in Summer. Strong old-world fragrance. 1m. Red $32.99
William Lobb

Old-Fashioned Bush

Moss: Medium sized purplish-crimson shaded flowers on a tall mossy plant. Flowers mid summer. Fragrant. 2.5m.


Pink/Purple $32.99
Zephrine Drouhin

Old-Fashioned Bush Bourbon: Deep, rosy-pink blooms produced prolifically on thorn-less stems. Vigorous growing shrub. Recurrent. Richly fragrant. 3.5x2m. Pink/Purple $32.99

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