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Floribunda Bush & Hybrid Tea Bush

Rose Name Category Description Colour Group Price

Absolutely Fabulous

Floribunda Bush An exceptional rose of butter gold, old-fashioned form and high health. Abundant blooms well displayed on a rounded, bushy plant. Top American award winner. Stong liquorice fragrance. 1m. Yellow $32.99


Floribunda Bush Rich cherry cerise red blooms with white reverse cover the compact bush plant. Repeats well. Bred by Bob Matthews and named in honour of our French town. Apricot/Orange $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush Bright luminous vermillion blooms on a strong healthy plant, great for picking. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Ali Mau

Floribunda Bush Beautiful deep creamy pink fully double flowers set against glossy mid green foliage. A healthy leafy shrub. Pink/Purple $32.99

Floribunda Bush A fantastic porcelain-pink rose, covering the bush with an abundance of blooms. Strong healthy plants and good disease resistance, with glossy darker green foliage. 1.2m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Aotearoa NZ

Hybrid Tea Bush Large soft creamy pink blooms with a powerful fragrance, dark glossy foliage. 1.2m.Large soft creamy pink blooms with a powerful fragrance, dark glossy foliage. 1.2m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Astrid Grafin von Hardenberg

Hybrid Tea Bush Beautifully scented flowers of rich claret red. Large, very full old fashioned blooms. Red $32.99
Auckland Metro

Hybrid Tea Bush This rose looks most beautiful when fully open. Perfect-creamy white blooms, exceptionally free flowering. Good for picking. Powerful fragrance. 1m. White/Cream $32.99

Floribunda Bush A mass of flowers when in full bloom, this rose is aptly named. The cream opening to white blooms cover the vigorous bush. Award winner. Light fragrance. 1m. White/Cream $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush Perfectly shaped buds of deepest red open to medium sized flowers. A strong, upright grower. Glossy foliage and a great repeater. Superb rose. Gorgeous fragrance. .9m. Red $32.99
Best Friend

Hybrid Tea Bush

Deep glowing pink blooms on an upright plant. Very fragrant. 1m.


Pink/Purple $32.99
Best Wishes

Floribunda Bush

A stunning display of deep rich yellow flowers on a plant that is super healthy and quick to repeat. Upright growth.


Yellow $32.99
Big Purple

Hybrid Tea Bush A deep red rose turning purple as flower matures. Huge fragrance. Tall and vigorous. Pink/Purple $32.99
Blackberry Nip

Hybrid Tea Bush Deep unfading purple blooms of medium size on long stems, ideal for picking. Flowers early and repeats well, with dark silver-grey foliage. Powerful old-fashioned fragrance. 1m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Blue Moon

Hybrid Tea Bush Classic form with buds of lilac-blue to lavender. Upright growth with good foliage. Certainly one of the best of the 'blues'. Flowers well through the season. Fragrant. 0.8m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Bright as a Button
Floribunda Bush Delightful pale pink flowers with a striking dark pink centre. Continuous flowering. Pink/Purple $32.99
Brilliant Pink Iceberg
Floribunda Bush Unusual coloured blooms of magenta pink with silver reverse. The changing shades from deep purple to pastel pink and white flowers will hold appeal. Repeat flowerer. Pink/Purple $32.99
Buff Beauty

Hybrid Musk Double flowers of medium apricot-gold on a hardy bush, sweetly scented. Can be trained as a climber. Fragrant. 2m. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Burgundy Iceberg

Floribunda Bush This burgundy beauty is identical to its parent except in colour. And wow! The richest, plushest royal velvets of kings, a luxurious regal burgundy wine. 1.2m. Pink/Purple $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush

A rose of medium height that has perfectly formed soft salmon-pink blooms. Lovely for picking. Very beautiful. Huge fragrance. 1.2m.

Apricot/Orange $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush Large quartered flowers of pearl pink. Strong fragrance. Pink/Purple $32.99
Chicago Peace

Hybrid Tea Bush Pink salmon and gold shades. Large flowers on a vigorous bush. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Clodagh McGredy

Hybrid Tea Bush Soft golden amber blooms paling to golden buff, fragrant vigorous bush. Fragrant. Yellow $32.99
Columba’s Rose

Hybrid Tea Bush A beautiful H.T. with very large, cup shaped flowers of deep cream, often quartered. Fragrant and healthy. Named in association with 'Columba's College' Dunedin - 100th centenary.  White/Cream $32.99
Crimson Bouquet

Hybrid Tea Bush A superb new generation no-spray, super healthy rose. Dazzling, vibrant crimson blooms carried well clear of the foliage on a very sturdy but compact bush. Mild, sweet fragrance. 1.2m. Red $32.99
Dear One

Floribunda Bush Pretty pink hybrid tea type blooms in abundance. Repeats well. Award winner. Nicely perfumed. .9m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Deep Secret

Hybrid Tea Bush Delicious deep crimson blooms which are large and velvety with up to 40 petals. Set against glossy green foliage they appear continuously throughout the season. Fragrant. 1.3m. Red $32.99
Diamond Jubilee

Hybrid Tea Bush Exhibition blooms of buff-yellow on deep green foliage, strong fragrant bush. Nice scent. Tall 1.2m. Yellow $32.99
Diamonds Forever

Hybrid Tea Bush This soft, yellow, paling out at edges, flowering beauty is great for picking and great for the garden, with strong but compact growth. Lovely fragrance. 1.2m. Yellow $32.99
Double Delight

Hybrid Tea Bush Creamy white with pink edges. Quite spectacular, makes a beautiful cut flower. Very fragrant. 1m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Ebb Tide

Floribunda Bush

Clusters of deep royal purple on a compact, healthy bush. Strong fragrance.

Pink/Purple $32.99

Floribunda Bush Bright yellow to gold flowers of perfect shape. Free flowering 60-70 cm. Yellow $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush Pale primrose-yellow with perfect form. Its long stems make this an ideal rose for exhibition. An award winner. Slightly scented. 1.2m. Yellow $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush Well known highly fragrant very dark velvety red. Repeat flowering. Highly fragrant. Red $32.99
Everlasting Hope

Floribunda Bush Named for Post-Natal Depression Canterbury. Large medium pink flower. Extremely fragrant. Tall slightly spreading bush with dark foliage. Pink/Purple $32.99
Everlasting Love

Floribunda Bush Bright scarlet eye catching rose, blooms in flushes throughout the season. 1m. Red $32.99
Eye Candy
Floribunda Bush Clusters of medium pink blooms with a cream reverse. Tidy compact habit. An extremely healthy rose. Pink/Purple $32.99
Faithful Friend

Hybrid Tea Bush The warm golden apricot blooms with a swirl of petals, set on rich glossy green foliage, is ideal in any setting. Nicely perfumed. 1m. Apricot/Orange $32.99
First Love

Hybrid Tea Bush Pale pink flowers of classic form with long pointed buds Pink/Purple $32.99
Fond Memories

Floribunda Bush Small clusters of soft apricot-cream perfectly 
formed flowers. Vigorous plant. 
Apricot/Orange $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush A vigorous and bushy plant with deep yellow blooms. Flowers freely and repeatedly. Light scent. Yellow $32.99
Fragrant Cloud

Hybrid Tea Bush This rose is superbly scented. Free flowering with vermilion-red blooms of some substance making them ideal for picking. Strong deep green glossy foliage. Exquisite fragrance. 1m. Red $32.99
French Lace

Floribunda Bush Cream blooms with a soft peach centre. Medium height. White/Cream

Floribunda Bush Outstanding yellow with clusters of medium size blooms, prolific flowering. One of the first to flower. Fragrant. 1.2m. Yellow $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush NZ Rose of the Year. Superbly healthy, glossy large foliage and glorious large yellow blooms to match. Easy care and a must have. Ideal for picking. Fragrant. 1.2m. Yellow $32.99
Gold Medal

Hybrid Tea Bush Pointed buds of deep gold-tipped orange-red, opening to many petalled deep golden yellow, lasts well on a bush of deep green glossy foliage. Disease resistant. Yellow $32.99
Hamilton Gardens

Hybrid Tea Bush Scrumptious blend of cream, apricot, peach and salmon. Large, spiralled, perfectly formed flowers. Performs right throughout the season. 1m. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Hans Christian Andersen

Floribunda Bush A stunning plant that smothers itself with a cascade of dark red blooms making a lovely show in the garden. Fragrant. 1m. Red $32.99
Happy Birthday

Floribunda Bush Deep pink blooms with a strong fragrance. Pink/Purple $32.99
Hayley Westenra

Hybrid Tea Bush Beautiful double frilly flowers in shades of apricot-salmon pink, with highlights of cream and peach. Delightful scent. 1m. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Heart of Gold

Hybrid Tea Bush Deep yellow flowers in large open clusters, continuous flowering. Yellow $32.99
High Ho Silver

Hybrid Tea Bush Double silver lilac blooms with a powerful fragrance that repeats well on a nicely balanced bush. Pink/Purple $32.99
Honky Tonk Blues

Floribunda Bush Amazing lavender blue semi-double flowers which open and fade to an icy mauve. An award winner. Purple $32.99
Hot Chocolate

Floribunda Bush Most unusual russet brown flowers, of old-fashioned form, which repeat well on a strong bushy plant. Fragrant. 1m. Apricot/Orange $32.99

Floribunda Bush Clusters of pure white blooms which keep flowering. Strong tall grower, disease resistant. 1.2m. White/Cream $32.99
Iced Ginger

Hybrid Tea Bush Flowers are a blend of ivory and copper pink with olive green foliage. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Ingrid Bergman

Hybrid Tea Bush Sumptuous red blooms ideal for picking, on an upright healthy bush. Good spicy scent. 1.1m. Red $32.99
Ivey Hall

Floribunda Bush Award winning rose with beautifully fragrant golden yellow flowers. Bushy growth, excellent for mass planting, or as a pride of place plant. Yellow $32.99
Juliette Greco

Floribunda Bush Large blooms of light yellowy lemon tones. Can be grown as a shrub or climber. Well worth a spot in the garden. Yellow $32.99
Just Joey

Hybrid Tea Bush Ruffled, very large flowers in tones of fawn, copper and buff appear from summer to autumn. Quite a sight in full flower. Disease resistant. Nice fragrance. .8m. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Katherine Mansfield

Hybrid Tea Bush Full centred blooms of lovely deep lilac-lavender, free flowering bush. Very fragrant. 1m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Kathryn McGredy
Hybrid Tea Bush Warm salmon pink showy flowers in profusion on a healthy bush. Medium. Apricot/Orange $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush Clusters of medium sized, ruffled blooms in distinctive shades of rusty, terracotta and red. Blooms produced continuously on a vigorous, medium sized shrub. Delicious fragrance. 1.2m. Red $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush A sport of Peace with similar growth habit. Boasts blooms of rich burgundy-red and undersides of gold. Fragrant. 1m. Red $32.99
Land of the Long White Cloud

Hybrid Tea Bush Creamy white sport of Aotearoa with the same amazing fragrance. White/Cream $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush Non fading yellow, bright yellow with glossy green foliage. Tall growing. Yellow $32.99
Lasting Love

Hybrid Tea Bush Fragrance award. Dusky red buds open to showy deep red blooms. An extremely healthy modern rose with wonderful glossy foliage and stocky, compact growth. Heavenly, powerful fragrance. 1.2m. Red $32.99
Lavender Pinocchio

Floribunda Bush Blooms of a mixture of soft lavender, pink and fawn, borne in small clusters throughout the season, light fragrance. Light scent. 1m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Lemon ‘n’ Lime

Floribunda Bush An exciting new floribunda rose that has blooms of lemon with green tinges, really the name says it all! Dark glossy foliage and very healthy. 1m. Yellow $32.99
Lest We Forget

Floribunda Bush Truly lovely rose with opulent blooms of rich velvety red. Repeats well. A special tribute to a loved one or comrade who gave their life in the service of their country. Soft fragrance. .8m. Red $32.99
Little Miss Perfect

Floribunda Bush Small compact rose growing to approx. 60cm and smothered in coral pink blooms. Pink/Purple $32.99
Looking Good
Floribunda Bush Named to highlight the work done by ‘Look Good Feel Better’ foundation. Showy two-toned pink blooms smother the bush in large clusters. Award winner. Pink/Purple $32.99
Love Always

Hybrid Tea Bush Large, soft pink flowers on long straight stems. Healthy, vigorous growth adds to the appeal of this new introduction. Award winner. Light fragrance. 1m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Love Heart

Hybrid Tea Bush Vibrant crimson blooms on exceptionally long stems make this rose great for a vase. Pretty petal shape makes for an eye catching display. Red $32.99
Love Me Do

Hybrid Tea Bush Ivory white classic blooms open to a warm peach centre, produced in abundance. Healthy glossy green foliage. Stunning fragrance. 1.2m. White/Cream $32.99
Loving Memory

Hybrid Tea Bush Large perfect blooms of cherry red with strong stems. A tall upright bush with glossy green foliage. Moderately scented. 1.5m. Red $32.99
Lovely Lady

Hybrid Tea Bush Full, rose pink, exhibition quality blooms with a good fragrance. Pink/Purple $32.99
Lucy’s Rose

Floribunda Bush Named after Central Otago girl Lucy, who recovered from Leukemia. Vibrant pinks, great repeat flowering. Pink/Purple $32.99

Floribunda Bush Clear white cup shaped flowers set against striking glossy foliage. Repeat flowering, sweetly fragrant. White/Cream $32.99
Mamma Mia

Floribunda Bush Large quartered flat round flower with a strong fragrance. Tones of apricot, salmon and pink. Gorgeous. A return of an excellent rose to our list 1.2m AVAILABLE Mother’s day 2018. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Many Happy Returns

Floribunda Bush Blush pink flowers with a strong fragrance. Pink/Purple $32.99
Margaret Merril

Floribunda Bush True pearly white blooms tinted with soft pink. Born in small clusters on a vigorous medium bush with dark green foliage. Very highly scented. .9m-1.1m. White/Cream $32.99
Matawhero Magic

Hybrid Tea Bush Dark green glossy foliage and beautiful warm copper-orange-bronze blooms make this rose superb! Huge musk fragrance. .9m-1m. Apricot/Orange $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush Pure white. Moderate fragrance. Good for exhibiting. White/Cream $32.99
Memorial Day

Hybrid Tea Bush Large orchid pink frilled edge blooms with an old rose fragrance. Upright bushy growth. Super old-rose fragrance. 1.2m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Midnight Blue

Floribunda Bush Large trusses of small deep rich purple flowers, strongly fragrant. Pink/Purple $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush Clusters of orange yellow flowers with a pleasant fruity scent. A healthy hybrid tea suitable for picking. Won best HT rose 2015 at Hamilton Rose Bowl Festival. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Modern Miss

Hybrid Tea Bush Bred in the south. Soft pink HT shaped blooms that are good for cutting. A very underrated rose. Winner of Certificate of Merit 2004. Pink/Purple $32.99
Moody Blues

Floribunda Bush Large lilac flowers attractive petal formation. Moderate fragrance and nearly thornless. Pink/Purple $32.99
Mum in a Million

Hybrid Tea Bush

Stunning large HT blooms of soft pink with a knockout perfume cover the plant in profusion. Long stems, flowering for extremely long periods, healthier grower.

Pink/Purple SOLD OUT
My Girl

Hybrid Tea Bush Glorious, beautifully formed blooms of rose pink, that keep their colour in the sun. Very disease resistant. Great for borders. Lovely fragrance. Pink/Purple $32.99
Nancy Steen

Floribunda Bush The abundant blooms are large, fully double, fragrant and borne in clusters. Their colour is blush pink with a cream centre. Nice glossy dark bronze-green foliage. Fragrant. .8m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Nelson Girls

Hybrid Tea Bush An outstanding variety chosen in honour of the 125th Jubilee of Nelson college for girls. Classic flowers in apricot, free flowering and healthy. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Old Port

Floribunda Bush Very full flowers of old-fashioned form. Rich deep burgundy-purple  blooms. Free flowering with a tidy habit. Disease resistant foliage. Award winner. Lovely perfume. .8m-.9m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Orange and Lemons

Floribunda Bush A very striking, striped variety; the flowers being bright orange with yellow stripes. Pleasing, fresh appearance. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Pacific Glory

Floribunda Bush Gold Star of the South Pacific in 2006, this rose has clusters of lavender-pink blooms with a tinge. A healthy bush of medium-tall height that is covered with dark glossy foliage. Official Rose of the 2013 World Federation of Rose Societies Convention. 1m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Paddy Stephens

Hybrid Tea Bush Beautiful coral-orange salmon flowers of perfect form. The glossy green foliage is lush on the vigorous and free-flowering plant. Lightly scented. 1.2m. Apricot/Orange $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush Dark red with a sweet fragrance, nice for picking. Red $32.99
Papa Meilland

Hybrid Tea Bush Multi international award winner. Is known as one of the very best fragrant red roses. Superb, exhibition quality, deep, rich, velvety crimson blooms. Repeats well. Very fragrant. 1m. Red $32.99
Paul Gauguin
Hybrid Tea Bush Flowers in warm red brushed with white. Deep green foliage. Red $32.99
Hybrid Tea Bush

Well formed red flowers with good repeating and useful as cut flower, no scent.


Red $32.99

Floribunda Bush Beautiful creamy medium sized blooms on a compact bushy shrub. 1.2 m. White/Cream $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush Possibly the world's best known and loved rose. A delicate soft yellow edged with pink. Sturdy vigorous bush. Wonderful as a cut flower. Multi award winner. Lightly fragrant. 1.2m. Yellow $32.99
Perfume Delight

Hybrid Tea Bush This rich, deep rose-pink beauty produces elegant buds that open into large, fully double blooms on long stems for cutting. The perfume is strong, heady old damask rose fragrance Pink/Purple $32.99
Precious Platinum

Hybrid Tea Bush Award winner. Deep crimson red. Excellent form with reflexing petals. Vigorous and ever blooming. Semi-fragrant. 1m. Red $32.99
Princess of Wales

Floribunda Bush Pretty buds opening to pearly white attractive blooms, smother the bush through to Autumn. Compact in height making it ideal for garden or pot. Light fragrance. .8m. White/Cream SOLD OUT

Floribunda Bush Deep purple flat old-fashioned blooms. Terrific health with a huge amount of flower production. A bed of this will add fragrance to your entire garden. Huge fragrance. 1m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Racy Lady

Hybrid Tea Bush Large scented blooms of creamy white which deepen in the centre to a peachy lemon. 1m.    White/Cream $32.99
Raspberry Ice

Floribunda Bush Delightful lolly-pink margins and translucent ice-white base makes this cup-shaped bloom a must. Taller growing and a strong healthy plant. Nice fragrance. 1.5m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Remember Me

Hybrid Tea Bush Warm tones of coppery-orange irradiated with yellow. Well formed medium blooms clustered on a strong upright bush. Award winner. Soft fragrance. 1m. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Ruby Wedding

Hybrid Tea Bush Shapely, fragrant red flowers. Good foliage. Med to tall. 1m. Red $32.99
Scent to Remember

Floribunda Bush

Attractive, peachy apricot blooms with a sweet fragrance, on a medium sized bush. Sweet fragrance. 1m.

Apricot/Orange $32.99
Scott Base

Floribunda Bush An award winning rose of white very fragrant blooms on a compact but vigorous bush. White/Cream $32.99

Floribunda Bush At last! A bright yellow floribunda that rivals Friesia for its colour, vigour, health and sheer flower power. No surprises that it is an award winner. Fragrant. 1m. Yellow $32.99
Sexy Rexy

Floribunda Bush This multi-award winning rose flowers continuously through summer. The large clusters of blooms are beautiful, very double and shaded a soft rose pink. Light perfume. 1m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Silver Jubliee

Hybrid Tea Bush Hybrid tea -large well- formed flowers of deep peach pink and salmon. Pink/Purple $32.99
Smooth Moonlight

Hybrid Tea Bush Pink tipped buds open to soft mauve with a darker mauve edge. Richly fragrant. Pink/Purple $32.99
Special Occasion

Hybrid Tea Bush Blooms of apricot copper shading on glossy dark green foliage. Strong fragrance. Apricot/Orange $32.99

Speks Centennial

Floribunda Bush Clusters of attractive, well formed flowers in unique warm bronze-brown tones. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Spirit of Hope

Hybrid Tea Bush The official Red Cross Rose. Hybrid Tea. Brilliant red flowers in trusses on a healthy plant. Med-tall.  Red $32.99
Strawberry Ice

Floribunda Bush A great rose for mass planting or hedging in a row. Pots or tubs, this rose flowers profusely with healthy disease resistant foliage. .5m. Pink/Purple $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush Large HT shaped blooms of golden yellow with a fine pinkie orange flow to the outer petal. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Sunny Honey

Floribunda Bush Fragrant double unusual blend of apricot and peach tones, compact bush. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Sweet Dream

Floribunda Bush A lovely, delicate miniature rose with peachy-apricot flowers with dense, glossy foliage. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Sweet Perfume

Floribunda Bush Soft peachy pink flowers with of course a lovely scent. Compact growth. Pink/Purple $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush Elegant, large clear rose-pink blooms are borne on strong upright stems. Very strong and bushy plant, repeats well. 1.2m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Tequila Sunrise

Floribunda Bush Rich deep golden yellow blooms tipped orange-red. Freely produced. Brilliant garden display with an abundance for picking. Dense and bushy. Award winner. Mild scent.8m. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Thank You
Floribunda Bush Small double soft pink flowers on a compact healthy plant, lovely fragrance. Pink/Purple $32.99
The Wedding Rose

Floribunda Bush A lovely rose of moderate compact growth, bearing clusters of fully double blooms of virginal white. Perfect for every bride, if only for memories of days gone by. Lightly scented. White/Cream $32.99
Top Shelf

Floribunda Bush The underside of the blooms are tarnished copper complemented by shades of terracotta on the upper petal, this set off to perfection by dark holly like foliage. Winner of the New Zealand Rose Industry Gold Award 2011. 1m. Apricot/Orange $32.99

Floribunda Bush Masses of luminous red blooms on a compact plant. Red $32.99
Valentine Heart

Floribunda Bush Continuously smothered in lilac pink blooms on a bushy plant. An outstanding variety. 1m. Pink/Purple $32.99

Hybrid Tea Bush Rich mauve-pink semi-rosette shaped flowers set in profusion. A strong grower with bushy habit and good disease resistance. Good repeater. Lovely fragrance. 1.5m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Warm Wishes

Hybrid Tea Bush Large flowers of soft peachy coral. Medium. Apricot/Orange $32.99
White Romance

Hybrid Tea Bush Rob quotes this as technically the best rose he has ever bred. Extremely healthy with a nice rounded compact habit, the bush smothers itself with stunning pure white blooms complemented by rich dark glossy green foliage. This rose rivals Iceberg. White/Cream $32.99
Wise Woman

Hybrid Tea Bush Rich baby pink blooms on glossy mid-green foliage. Very healthy bushy plant. Pink/Purple $32.99

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