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Rose Name Category Description Colour Group Price
Alberic Barbier

Rambler Rambler: Clusters of double, creamy white flowers. Almost evergreen, extremely disease free, with strong vigorous growth. Fruity fragrance. 4.5m x 3m. White/Cream $32.99

Climber Rambler: Prolific flowers of coppery pink semi-double blooms. An extremely vigorous bush. An old favourite. Fragrant. 4.5mx3m. Pink/Purple $32.99
All My Love


Large clusters of soft medium pink blooms. Classic hybrid tea form. Mild fragrance.

Pink/Purple $32.99

Modern Climber Apricot buds opening to large blooms of golden yellow. Lovely for cutting. Medium sized bush but vigorous. Fragrant. 3m. Yellow $32.99
Bantry Bay

Modern Climber Rose pink floribunda type blooms that keep on flowering. The plant is strong, healthy and covers a good area. Light fragrance. 3.5mx2.5m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Birthday Present

Modern Climber Deep velvety crimson blooms on a very vigorous grower. Occasionally repeats a few flowers. Very fragrant. 3mx1.5m. Red $32.99
Blackberry Nip

Climber Deep unfading purple blooms of medium size on long stems, ideal for picking. Flowers early and repeats well, with dark silver-grey foliage. Powerful old-fashioned fragrance. 3 m Pink/Purple $32.99
Bloomfield Courage

Climber Clusters of small mid red single flowers with a white centre. Mild fragrance. Red $32.99
Blush Rambler

Climber Light pink double flowers with a strong scent. Pink/Purple $32.99

Modern Climber Soft yellow flowers that repeat well, accentuated on the dark and glossy foliage. A good climber. Fragrant. 3mx2.5m. Yellow $32.99
Cecile Brunner

Modern Climber China: Very soft pink, buttonhole-type blooms. Very vigorous pillar-type growth. Almost always in flower. Sweet and spicy fragrance. 3mx3m. Pink/Purple $32.99
City of London

Modern Climber This rose has it all! Clusters of large cupped & shaggy blooms in blush pink. Vigorous growth. Few thorns. Can be grown as a small climber. Multi award winner. Very fragrant. 1.5m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Coconut Ice

Climber Pretty clusters of fragrant creamy pale pink to blush white flowers in profusion on a healthy moderately vigorous climbing rose. White/Cream $32.99

Modern Climber Gorgeous blooms of salmon-pink shaded apricot-orange. Very vigorous strong grower. Award winner. Beautifully fragrant. 3mx1.8m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Dublin Bay

Modern Climber One of the very best red climbers. Easy to grow. Nearly always in flower with semi-double, dark red blooms. Multi-award winner. Mild fragrance. 3mx1.5m. Red $32.99
Etoile de Holland

Modern Climber Large double deep crimson blooms from summer to autumn. This vigorous repeat-flowering climbing rose is one of the best climbing roses for covering a wall. Spendid fragrance. 5m. Red $32.99
Fourth of July

Modern Climber Award winner. Like an explosion of fireworks on Independence Day, blooms are streaked bright white and velvety red. Healthy and vigorous. Repeater. Fragrant. 2m. Red $32.99
Gloire De Dijon

Climber Huge, quartered flat blooms of buff-yellow and hint of apricot. Likes a sheltered and warm position. Recurrent. Extremely fragrant. 3.5mx2.5m. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Golden Future

Modern Climber A superb new climber carrying clusters of large well-shaped creamy yellow blooms. Plant is extremely healthy and vigorous. Sweetly fragrant. 4mx4m. Yellow $32.99
High Hopes

Climber Light rose pink blooms of perfect form smother this under rated climber. Free flowering and vigorous. Fragrant. 3m. Pink/Purple $32.99

Modern Climber Clusters of pure white blooms which keep flowering. Strong tall grower, disease resistant. 2m x 1.5m. White/Cream $32.99
Kaiteri Gold

Modern Climber An excellent new climber with large flowers of golden yellow carried on a healthy, vigorous plant. This is one of the best well performing yellow climbers. 2m x 1.5m. Yellow $32.99
Lady Barbara

Modern Climber The colour is completely new in climbers, a beautiful tangerine-orange with a deep yellow reverse. The blooms are perfectly shaped. Dark reddish foliage. Fruity fragrance. 3m. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Leaping Salmon

Modern Climber Large perfectly formed Hybrid-Tea blooms of a lovely salmon-pink. Healthy growth of moderate height with large semi-glossy medium green foliage. Heavy fragrance. 3m x 1.8m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Lorraine Lee

Climber A repeat flowering rose with semi double flowers, of rosy apricot pink, strongly scented. 3m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Love Knot

Climber Rich red-semi double flowers of good size. Charming buttonhole buds. Red Unavailable in 2019
Madam Alfred Carriere

Old-Fashioned Climber Noisette: Large white with salmon-pink tinted flowers freely produced on this lovely old-rose. Vigorous growing, disease free and reliable. Recurrent. Very fragrant. 4.5mx3m. White/Cream $32.99
Madame Isaac Pereire

Climber Bourbon: Beautiful large, shaggy blooms of purplish deep-pink. Few other Bourbons can rival its bold character. Free flowering and can be used as a small climber. Amazing fragrance. 2m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Nancy Hayward

Climber Large single blooms of bright cerise pink festoon this very vigorous climber. Always in flower and very healthy. 1.5m. Pink/Purple $32.99
New Dawn

Climber Hybrid Tea: Silvery-pink flowers produced in clusters. Vigorous climber with glossy foliage. Recurrent. Richly fragrant. 3mx2.5m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Paul Transon

Climber Rambler: Attractive formal close petalled, rich salmon-pink flowers of medium size in small clusters. Flowers most of the season and again in autumn. Strong apple fragrance. 3m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Phyllis Bide

Climber Rambler: Small dainty flowers of lemon, salmon, pink and red. Fairly vigorous plant. Recurrent. Delicately scented. 2.5x1.5m Yellow $32.99
Rambling Rector

Climber Rambler: A rampant rambler with clusters of white  flowers with yellow stamens. Flowers once in summer. Fragrant. 6x6m. White/Cream $32.99
Red Flame

Climber Modern climber with very fragrant, red blooms. Wonderful health and glossy foliage. Climbing sport of the fabulous Lasting Love Red $32.99
Sea Foam

Climber Rambler. Small white flowers with glossy foliage. Flowers continuously. Will climb or trail down 2m. White/Cream $32.99
Sir Edmund Hillary

Modern Climber Beautifully formed blooms open to a blend of pure white with golden centres. Healthy glossy foliage and strong growth make Sir Edmund Hillary very desirable. Highly fragrant. 4m. White/Cream $32.99
Shot Silk

Modern Climber Fragrant flowers of blended pink and yellow. Classic form and healthy vigorous growth. 1931. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Souvenir de la Malmaison
Climber Bourbon: Large, soft pink, cupped at first, then opening flat and quartered blooms. Compact growing shrub. Recurrent bloomer. Deliciously fragrant. 1.8m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Souvenir de Madame Leonie Viennot

Old-Fashioned Climber Free flowering, very vigorous rose with large, fully double flowers of salmon pink to coppery pink. Apricot Orange $32.99

Climber Brilliant orange colour with nice looking and strong buds. Deep green foliage. Light fragrance. 2m. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Swan Lake

Climber Creamy white tinged with palest pink. Large flowers of classic form with dark glossy leaves. Apricot/Orange $32.99

Climber Very full, shapely flowers of bright velvety red, fragrant, free flowering and disease resistant. Red $32.99

Modern Climber Large clusters of bright pink frilly blooms. Very free-flowering, with glossy light green foliage. Moderate spreading habit ideal for a small area or pillar. Fragrant. 2.5m. Pink/Purple $32.99

Climber Rambler: The nearest to a 'true blue' of any rose. Large sprays of small purplish-violet flowers. One huge flush of flowers in summer. Almost thornless. Sweet fragrance. 4.5m. Pink/Purple $32.99
Wedding Day

Climber Rambler: One annual flowering followed by a good crop of smallish fruit. Yellow buds open to white single blooms with orange stamens, in large clusters. Fragrant. 10m. White/Cream $32.99

Modern Climber Gorgeous bronze to salmon-apricot blooms. Free-flowering on vigorous plant of spreading habit. Delicious fragrance. 2m. Apricot/Orange $32.99
Zephrine Drouhin

Climber Bourbon: Deep, rosy-pink blooms produced prolifically on thorn-less stems. Vigorous growing shrub. Recurrent. Richly fragrant. 3.5x2m. Pink/Purple $32.99

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Large clusters of soft medium pink blooms. Classic hybrid tea form. Mild fragrance