rose index

If you wish to search for a particular ROSE NAME, then the following list shows all the named roses in this year's catelogue. Once you have located the rose, go to the colour group or category (listed beside each name) to get further information and availability.

Rose Name Category Colour Group
Abraham Darby David Austin Bush Apricot/Orange
Absolutely Fabulous Floribunda Bush Yellow
Absolutely Fabulous Standard 80cm Yellow
Agnes Old-Fashioned Bush White/Cream
Alba Old-Fashioned Bush White/Cream
Alberic Barbier Rambler White/Cream
Albertine Climber Pink/Purple
Ali Mau Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
All My Love Climber Pink/Purple
Anniversary Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Anniversary Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Aotearoa NZ Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
Apricot Scentasia Patio Bush/Ground Cover Apricot/Orange
Apricot Scentasia Patio Standard Apricot/Orange
Arrowtown Modern Climber Yellow
Astrid Grafin von Hardenberg Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Auckland Metro Hybrid Tea Bush White/Cream
Avalanche Floribunda Bush White/Cream
Avalanche Standard 80cm White/Cream
Baby Jack Patio Standard Pink/Purple
Bantry Bay Modern Climber Pink/Purple
Barkarole Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Beehive Gold   Patio Standard Yellow
Belle Poitevine Old-Fashioned Bush Pink/Purple
Benjamin Britten David Austin Bush Red
Best Friend Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
Big Purple Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
Birthday Present Modern Climber Red
Blackberry Nip Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
Blackberry Nip Climber Pink/Purple
Blackberry Nip Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Blanc Double de Coubert Old-Fashioned Bush White/Cream
Bloomfield Courage Climber Red
Blue Moon Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
Boscobel David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Bright as a Button Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Bronze Baby Patio Bush/Ground Cover Yellow
Bronze Baby Patio Standard Yellow
Brother Cadfael David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Buff Beauty Hybrid Musk Apricot/Orange
Burgundy Iceberg Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Burgundy Iceberg Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Candella Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Carcassonne Patio Bush/Ground Cover Apricot/Orange
Carolyn Hybrid Tea Bush Apricot/Orange
Casino Modern Climber Yellow
Cecile Brunner Modern Climber Pink/Purple
Celebration Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
Champagne on Ice Patio Standard Pink/Purple
Charles Darwin David Austin Bush Apricot/Orange
Chicago Peace Hybrid Tea Bush Apricot/Orange
Cinderella Patio Standard Pink/Purple
City of London Modern Climber Pink/Purple
Claire Rose David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Claude Monet Shrub Apricot/Orange
Clodagh McGredy Hybrid Tea Bush Yellow
Coconut Ice Climber White/Cream
Colorbreak Standard 80cm Red
Columba’s Rose Hybrid Tea Bush White/Cream
Compassion Modern Climber Pink/Purple
Comte de Chambord Old-Fashioned Bush Pink/Purple
Cornelia Old-Fashioned Bush Pink/Purple
Cornelia Shrub Pink/Purple
Crepuscule Old-Fashioned Bush Apricot/Orange
Crimson Bouquet Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Crown Princess Margareta David Austin Bush Apricot/Orange
Crystal Fairy Standard 80cm White/Cream
Daltons Gold Patio Standard Yellow
Darcey Bussell David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Dear One Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Deep Secret Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Diamond Design Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Diamond Jubilee Hybrid Tea Bush Yellow
Diamonds Forever Hybrid Tea Bush Yellow
Diamonds Forever Standard 80cm Yellow
Double Delight Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
Dublin Bay Modern Climber Red
Ebb Tide Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Eglantyne David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Eldorado Floribunda Bush Yellow
Elina Hybrid Tea Bush Yellow
Ellen David Austin Bush Apricot/Orange
England's Rose David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Erotica  Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Etoile de Holland Modern Climber Red
Evelyn David Austin Bush Apricot/Orange
Everlasting Hope Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Everlasting Love Floribunda Bush Red
Eye Candy Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Eye Candy  Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Eye in the Sky Shrub Apricot/Orange
Faithful Companion Shrub Apricot/Orange
Faithful Friend Hybrid Tea Bush Apricot/Orange
Falstaff David Austin Bush Red
Felicia Old-Fashioned Bush Pink/Purple
Fond Memories Floribunda Bush Apricot/Orange
For Your Eyes Only Patio Bush/Ground Cover Apricot/Orange
Fourth of July Modern Climber Red
Fragrant Cloud Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Frau Dagmar Hastrupp Old-Fashioned Bush Pink/Purple
French Lace Floribunda Bush Apricot/Orange
Friesia Floribunda Bush Yellow
Friesia Standard 80cm Yellow
General Galieni Floribunda Bush Red
Gertrude Jekyll David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Glamis Castle David Austin Bush White/Cream
Gloire De Dijon Climber Apricot/Orange
Glorious Hybrid Tea Bush Yellow
Gold Medal Hybrid Tea Bush Yellow
Golden Celebration David Austin Bush Yellow
Golden Future Modern Climber Yellow
Grace David Austin Bush Apricot/Orange
Graham Thomas David Austin Bush Yellow
Gruss an Aachen Old-Fashioned Bush White/Cream
Hamilton Gardens Hybrid Tea Bush Apricot/Orange
Hans Christian Andersen Floribunda Bush Red
Happy Birthday Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Happy Child David Austin Bush Yellow
Hayley Westenra Hybrid Tea Bush Apricot/Orange
Hayley Westenra Standard 80cm Apricot/Orange
Hayward College Floribunda Bush Red
Heritage David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
High Ho Silver Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
High Hopes Climber Pink/Purple
Hot Chocolate Floribunda Bush Apricot/Orange
Iceberg Floribunda Bush White/Cream
Iceberg Modern Climber White/Cream
Iceberg Patio Standard White/Cream
Iceberg Standard 80cm White/Cream
Iced Ginger Hybrid Tea Bush Apricot/Orange
Ingrid Bergman Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Irene Watts Old-Fashioned Bush Pink/Purple
Isobel Hit Patio Standard Red
Ispahan Old-Fashioned Bush Pink/Purple
Jacqueline du Pre Shrub White/Cream
Jacques Cartier Old-Fashioned Bush Pink/Purple
Jeanne Le Joie Patio Climber Pink/Purple
Jubilee Celebration David Austin Bush Apricot/Orange
Jude the Obscure David Austin Bush Apricot/Orange
Just Joey Hybrid Tea Bush Apricot/Orange
Kaikoura Patio Bush/Ground Cover Red
Kaiteri Gold Modern Climber Yellow
Katherine Mansfield Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
Kathryn McGredy Hybrid Tea Bush Apricot/Orange
Kordes Robusta Shrub Red
Kronenburg Hybrid Tea Bush Red
L D Braithwaite David Austin Bush Red
Lady Barbara Modern Climber Apricot/Orange
Lady of Megginch David Austin Bush Apricot/Orange
Lady of Shallot David Austin Bush Yellow
Land of the Long White Cloud Hybrid Tea Bush White/Cream
Landora Hybrid Tea Bush Yellow
Lasting Love Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Lasting Love Standard 80cm Red
Lavender Dream Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Lavender Pinocchio Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Leander David Austin Bush Apricot/Orange
Leaping Salmon Modern Climber Pink/Purple
Lemon ‘n’ Lime Floribunda Bush Yellow
Lemon 'n' Lime Standard 80cm Yellow
Leonardo da Vinci Shrub Pink/Purple
Lest We Forget Floribunda Bush Red
Lichfield Angel David Austin Bush Apricot/Orange
Little Angel Patio Standard White/Cream
Little Angel Patio Standard White/Cream
Little Miss Perfect Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Little Miss Perfect Patio Standard Pink/Purple
Little Nugget Patio Bush/Ground Cover Yellow
Little Opal Patio Bush/Ground Cover Pink/Purple
Little Opal Patio Standard Pink/Purple
Looking Good Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Lorraine Lee Climber Pink/Purple
Love Heart Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Love Me Do Hybrid Tea Bush White/Cream
Love Me Do Standard 80cm White/Cream
Loving Memory Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Loving Memory Standard 80cm Red
Loving Touch Patio Bush/Ground Cover Apricot/Orange
Madam Alfred Carriere Old-Fashioned Climber White/Cream
Madame Hardy Old-Fashioned Bush White/Cream
Madame Isaac Pereire Old-Fashioned Bush Pink/Purple
Madame Isaac Pereire Climber Pink/Purple
Many Happy Returns Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Mamma Mia Floribunda Bush Apricot/Orange
Margaret Merril Floribunda Bush White/Cream
Margaret Merril Patio Standard White/Cream
Margaret Merril Standard 80cm White/Cream
Mary Rose David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Matawhero Magic Hybrid Tea Bush Apricot/Orange
Memorial Day Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
Memories of You  Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Midnight Blue Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Midsummer Hybrid Tea Bush Apricot/Orange
Minnie Pearl Patio Standard Pink/Purple
Modern Miss Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
Moody Blues Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Moody Blues Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Moody Blues  Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Mum in a Million Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
Mum in a Million Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Munstead Wood David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Mutablis Old-Fashioned Bush Apricot/Orange
Mutablis Standard 80cm Apricot/Orange
My Girl Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
My Sister Patio Bush/Ground Cover Red
Nancy Hayward Climber Pink/Purple
Nancy Steen Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Nelson Girls Hybrid Tea Bush Apricot/Orange
New Dawn Climber Pink/Purple
Nina Standard 80cm White/Cream
Old Port Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Pacific Glory Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Paddy Stephens Hybrid Tea Bush Apricot/Orange
Papa Meilland Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Park Direktor Riggers Climber Red
Pat Austin David Austin Bush Apricot/Orange
Paul Gauguin Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Paul Transon Climber Pink/Purple
Pavarotti Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Pavlova Floribunda Bush White/Cream
Peace Hybrid Tea Bush Yellow
Penelope Old-Fashioned Bush Apricot/Orange
Perle d'Or Old-Fashioned Bush Apricot/Orange
Phyllis Bide Climber Yellow
Pink Bells Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Pinocchio Patio Bush/Ground Cover Pink/Purple
Playboy Floribunda Bush Apricot/Orange
Precious Platinum Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Pretty Polly Patio Standard Pink/Purple
Princess Alexander of Kent David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Princess Alexandra Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Princess Anne David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Princess of Wales Floribunda Bush White/Cream
Prosperity Old-Fashioned Bush White/Cream
Purplelicious Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Purplelicious Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Racy Lady Hybrid Tea Bush White/Cream
Rambling Rector Climber White/Cream
Raspberry Ice Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Red Bells Standard 80cm Red
Red Flame Climber Red
Remember Me Hybrid Tea Bush Apricot/Orange
Remember Me Standard 80cm Apricot/Orange
Rememberance Standard 80cm Red
Rhapsody in Blue Shrub Pink/Purple
Roseraie de L'Hay Old-Fashioned Bush Pink/Purple
Ruby Wedding Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Sally Holmes Shrub White/Cream
Scabrosa Old-Fashioned Bush Pink/Purple
Scent by an Angel Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Scent to Remember Floribunda Bush Apricot/Orange
Scentasia Patio Bush/Ground Cover Yellow
Scentasia Patio Standard White/Cream
Scentasia Standard 80cm White/Cream
Scented Memory Standard 80cm Apricot/Orange
Sceptre'd Isle David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Sea Foam Climber White/Cream
Serendipity Floribunda Bush Yellow
Serendipity Standard 80cm Yellow
Sexy Rexy Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Sexy Rexy Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Sharifa Asma David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Sir Edmund Hillary Modern Climber White/Cream
Sir John Betjeman David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Skylark David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Slice of Heaven Patio Standard White/Cream
Smooth Friendship Hybrid Tea Bush Yellow
Smooth Moonlight Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
Smooth Prince Hybrid Tea Bush Red
Sombreuil Old-Fashioned Bush White/Cream
Sophie's Perpetual Old-Fashioned Bush Pink/Purple
Souvenir de la Malmaison Climber Pink/Purple
Souvenir de Madame Leonie Viennot Old-Fashioned Climber Apricot/Orange
Sparkler Patio Bush/Ground Cover White/Cream
Sparkler Standard 80cm White/Cream
Special Occasion Hybrid Tea Bush Apricot/Orange
Speks Centennial Floribunda Bush Apricot/Orange
Spirit of Hope Standard 80cm Red
Strawberry Hill David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Strawberry Ice Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Sugar Plum Patio Climber Pink/Purple
Summer Song David Austin Bush Apricot/Orange
Sundancer  Climber Apricot/Orange
Sunline Standard 80cm Apricot/Orange
Sunny Honey Floribunda Bush Apricot/Orange
Sweet Dream Floribunda Bush Apricot/Orange
Sweet Dream Patio Standard Apricot/Orange
Sweet Perfume Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Sylvia Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
Sympathie Climber Red
Taffeta Patio Climber White/Cream
Tea Clipper David Austin Bush Apricot/Orange
Teasing Georgia David Austin Bush Apricot/Orange
Tequila Sunrise Floribunda Bush Apricot/Orange
Tequila Sunrise Standard 80cm Apricot/Orange
Tess of the D'Urbervilles David Austin Bush Red
Thank You Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
The Endeavour David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
The Fairy Patio Standard Pink/Purple
The Fairy Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
The Lady Gardener  David Austin Bush Apricot/Orange
The Pilgrim  David Austin Bush Yellow
Thomas A Beckett  David Austin Bush Red
Tom Thumb Patio Bush/Ground Cover Apricot/Orange
Top Marks Patio Standard Apricot/Orange
Top Shelf Floribunda Bush Apricot/Orange
Top Shelf Standard 80cm Apricot/Orange
Tradescant David Austin Bush Red
Tranquility David Austin Bush White/Cream
Trinity Patio Bush/Ground Cover Red
Trumpeter Floribunda Bush Red
Trumpeter Standard 80cm Red
Tuscany Superb Old-Fashioned Bush Red
Uetersen Modern Climber Pink/Purple
Valentine Heart Floribunda Bush Pink/Purple
Valentine Heart Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Veilchenblau Climber Pink/Purple
Violet Hit Patio Standard Pink/Purple
Waimarie Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
Waimarie Standard 80cm Pink/Purple
Wanaka Patio Standard Red
Warm Welcome Patio Climber Apricot/Orange
Warm Wishes Hybrid Tea Bush Apricot/Orange
Wedding Day Climber White/Cream
Wedgewood Rose David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Wee Jock Patio Standard Red
Wendy Patio Standard White/Cream
Westerland Modern Climber Apricot/Orange
White Bells Standard 80cm White/Cream
White Romance Hybrid Tea Bush White/Cream
White Romance Standard 80cm White/Cream
William Lobb Old-Fashioned Bush Pink/Purple
William Shakespeare 2000 David Austin Bush Red
Winchester Cathedral David Austin Bush White/Cream
Windermere David Austin Bush White/Cream
Wise Woman Hybrid Tea Bush Pink/Purple
Wisley 2008 David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Wollerton Old Hall David Austin Bush White/Cream
Young Lycidas David Austin Bush Pink/Purple
Zephrine Drouhin Old-Fashioned Bush Pink/Purple
Zephrine Drouhin Climber Pink/Purple