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This is a fun project using found objects to create wind chimes.  This one has been made using driftwood and shells.


  • Shells with holes
  • String
  • Driftwood


  • Gather all your materials together.
  • Tie a piece of string onto the shells and then tie each shell onto the driftwood.
  • You can either tie the string around the driftwood, or get an adult to help drill holes through the driftwood and thread the string through.
  • You may have to adjust where you place the shells to balance the chimes, and also make sure you hang the shells so that they touch each other to create a sound when the wind blows them together.
  • Finally tie the sting onto the driftwood and hang your chimes up to catch the breeze.

Other Ideas

You could also use short lengths of bamboo, heavy seed pods, small terracotta pots or old cutlery.

Click here to download as a pdf for printing.

Adult supervision may be required to help with this project, depending on the child's age.