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Bob the grass-hair man

This is a fun project that will help your children understand how grass seed grows.


  • Muslin cloth or a strip from nylon tights (approximately 30 cm long)
  • Sawdust or sphagnum moss
  • Grass seed
  • Jar or dish
  • Rubber bands
  • Eyes and mouth.  We have used eyes from a craft store, but you could also use buttons or bottle tops or anything small and round.  For the mouth we used a piece of red wool.


1.    Tie a knot in one end of the strip of tights.  Turn this inside out to hide the knot.

2.    Place a handful of grass seed inside.

3.    Fill the rest of it up with sawdust or sphagnum moss.

4.    Use a rubber band to tie together.

5.    Pinch out a nose and tie with a rubber band.

6.    Sit it in a jar or bowl of water inside, in a sunny spot – a window ledge is ideal. 

7.    Attach the eyes and mouth.

Have fun watching your grass person grow hair!  The sawdust or sphagnum moss will quickly soak up the water, so remember to top it up regularly.  And remember to give it the occasional haircut.

Click here to download as a pdf for printing.

Adult supervision may be required to help with this project, depending on the child's age.