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What is Club Root disease?

Club Root is a disease that most commonly affects the cabbage and turnip family in your vegetable garden.

It is caused by an organism that can live in your soil for up to 10 years!

The first sign is a wilting plant, especially in dry weather. The plants fail to develop well and often fail to develop a crop. If you examine the roots you will notice swellings and roots that look knobbly, like advanced arthritis!

Once you have Club Root in your vege plot I'm afraid you are stuck with it for some time. However, the great news is that you can continue to cabbages successfully with the Club Root resistant varieties - these are called our "Success" varieties and are part of Nichol's extensive vegetable seedling range.

The easiest way to help avoid getting Cub Root in your garden in to rotate where you grow your cabbages, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and broccoli each year - i.e. never grow them in the same ground each year - move them to a different area in your garden if possible.

However, it is sometimes easy to forget where the cabbages were planted last year so if you are doubtful then the simple solution again is to plant Nichol's "Success" range of cabbages and cauliflowers that have been proven to resist club-root.

As an extra precaution against club-root in your vegetable patch, hoe a trench where you want to plant your seedlings, fill with Tui Organic Compost and then plant your brassicas.