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Fruit  Variety Description Pollinators Fruiting Season  Retail 
Plum Billington  First plum with dark red skin and flesh to ripen. Crops heavily around Christmas. All purpose plum with good flavour. Self Fertile Early $49.99
Plum Black Amber This beautiful looking Japanese Plum tastes as good as it looks. Large purple-black plums with pale cream flesh that is stained red. Firm and juicy with excellent flavour. Fruit stores well. Santa Rosa or Satsuma Early - Mid $49.99
Plum Black Doris Everyone's favourite. An excellent all purpose plum with purple black skin and delicious, sweet dark red juicy flesh. Ripens around February.  Billington, Duff's Early Jewel, Elephant Heart or Santa Rosa Mid $49.99
Plum Burbank Large, round, dark red fruit and sweet, juicy, aromatic, yellow flesh. Crops regularly and heavily. Hardier selection. Partially self fertile Duff's Early Jewel, Omega or Sultan Mid $49.99
Plum Coes Golden Drop A large, oval, yellow skinned, firm, yellow fleshed fruit of sweet and fine flavour. Damson, Reine Claude, Italian, Stanley or Greengage Mid $49.99
Plum Damson A small tart oval fruit with blue skin and yellow flesh. Is grown chiefly for home bottling and other culinary uses. Best in colder areas. Self Fertile Mid to Late $49.99
Plum Duffs Early Jewel Medium to large dark red skinned fruit with yellow flesh. Good pollinator for other plum varieties. Pick at Christmas. Self Fertile. Excellent pollinator for other varieties Early $49.99
Plum Elephant Heart Old time favourite. Very large heart shaped fruit with dark red extremely sweet & juicy flesh. Superb freestone plum. Good pollinator. Omega, Santa Rosa or Sultan. Mid to Late SOLD OUT
Plum Greengage Very popular, succulent, sweet, smaller fruit with delicious flavour. Self sterile - must have a source of pollen within 500m. Coe's Golden Drop, Damson, Reine Claude or Italian. Mid to Late $49.99
Plum Hawera Highly recommended home garden selection with large, dark red skin and fleshed fruit. Freestone, sweet, juicy and very firm. Healthy grower. Self Fertile Mid $49.99
Plum Lucy Combines the flavour and heart shape of Luisa with the deep colour and meaty texture of Fortune.  Self Fertile   $49.99
Plum Luisa Heart shaped yellow plum with very sweet tropical tasting flesh. Self Fertile although Billington can improve fruit taste.   $49.99
Plum Omega Popular with a host of uses. Medium sized, red speckled skin and red juicy flesh. Partially self fertile but best with a pollinator. Burbank, Duff's Early Jewel, Elephant Heart, Santa Rosa, Sultan or Billington Late $49.99
Plum Purple King A quality dessert plum with attractive large fruit that have purple skin and yellow flesh. A good choice for warmer areas of NZ as this vigorous grower shows good tolerance to heat + humidity. Duff's Early Jewel, Sultan or Red Doris Late Jan $49.99
Plum Reine Claude de Bavay European greengage, which crops heavily. Richly flavoured fruit. Culinary plum of excellence. Self Fertile Late $49.99
Plum Ruby Queen Highly productive variety with dark red skin and flesh. Good disease resistance. Late ripening.     $49.99
Plum Santa Rosa Among the highest flavoured plums in the world. Medium to large purple skinned fruit with yellow tinged pink, juicy flesh. An excellent pollinator. Self Fertile Early to Mid $49.99
Plum Satsuma The medium sized fruit is round and dark red, the flesh is dark red, juicy and sweet. Crops well. A great plum for fresh eating or culinary purposes. Partially Self-Fertile. Santa Rosa Mid $49.99
Plum Sultan Large oval plums with deep red skin and red flesh that is juicy and highly flavoured. A vigorous tree that bears heavy crops on a low spreading tree. Partially self fertile but will perform better with a pollinator Jan $49.99
Plum Victoria U.K’s best known plum variety producing heavy crops of egg shaped plums with yellow flesh.  Self Fertile   $49.99
Plum Wilsons Early One of the earliest plums to ripen, the bright red over yellow skin and yellow fleshed fruit are relatively small. Suitable for eating + preserving. Partially Self-Fertile. Billington, Black Doris, Burbank, Duff's Early, Omega or Santa Rosa. Jan $49.99
Plum DOUBLE - Billington / Burbank (individual descriptions listed above)     Unavailable in 2019
Plum DOUBLE - Greengage / Coes Golden Drop (individual descriptions listed above)     Unavailable in 2019
Plum DOUBLE - Santa Rosa / Elephant Heart (individual descriptions listed above)     Unavailable in 2019

Please note: numbers are limited on certain varieties.