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Fruit  Variety Description Pollinators Fruiting Season  Retail 
Peach April White Delicious white fleshed firm, large peach has an attractive pink blush. The tree is of medium vigour with a high resistance to Leaf Curl. Heavy cropper. Self Fertile Late $49.99
Peach Blackboy Port wine skin medium fruit and wine-red melting flesh. Eating and bottling. Good home garden tree. Self Fertile Late $49.99
Peach Coconut Ice A white fleshed peach that matures mid to late season. The medium sized fruit is coloured pink-red with crisp sweet flesh. Self Fertile   $49.99
Peach Dixie Red Medium sized fruit with yellow skin strongly blushed dark red. The yellow free-stone flesh is of excellent quality. Suitable for eating or preserving. Self Fertile Early Unavaible in 2019
Peach 'Flatto' Sweet Bonnet Large crops of sweet and tasty yellow-fleshed fruit from about mid Feb. The fruit is a flat shape - easy to eat. Perfect for snacks and lunch boxes. Plant in a well drained sunny spot for best results. Self Fertile Mid Feb SOLD OUT
Peach 'Flatto' Sweet Cap Small in size but not in flavour with crunchy, sweet white flesh that melts in your mouth. The outer skin is pale with a rose blush and not too 'furry'. Self Fertile Late Jan to mid feb $49.99
Peach Golden Grace Prolific crops of medium sized red blushed fruit in mid season. Flesh is yellow, very sweet, low acid and juicy. Clingstone. Well suited to the warmer areas of the country. Spreading tree. A Plant & Food Research selection.  Self Fertile Feb - March SOLD OUT
Peach Golden Haze Early maturing clingstone peach very similar to Golden Queen but ripening 6 weeks earlier. Ideal for bottling. Very large golden fruit in excellent numbers. Suited areas with high winter chill. Self Fertile Mid to Late SOLD OUT
Peach Golden Queen Needs no introduction. A true favourite for bottling and an excellent eater. Firm deep orange flesh. Clingstone. Self Fertile Late $49.99
Peach Gordons Glory Clingstone peach with similar flesh and flavour to Golden Queen.  Very productive.Good resistance to Leaf Curl ( noticed also in our garden centre ) Self Fertile Late $49.99
Peach Honey Babe (Dwarf standard) Medium to large fruit with orange, sweet juicy flesh and tangy flavour. Fruits best near other peaches or nectarines. Partially Self Fertile   $49.99
Peach Pixzee (Dwarf standard) Large red over orange skinned fruit with delicious, firm, yellow flesh. Freestone. Self Fertile Early $49.99
Peach Red Haven Long time the industry standard. Firm, yellow fleshed medium to large size fruit. Excellent flavour. Freestone. Proven performer. Self Fertile Mid $49.99
Peach Rose Chiffon (Dwarf standard) 30cm-40cm This peach has a bounty of good eating, juicy, white fleshed fruit. Self Fertile Late $49.99
Peach Rose Chiffon (Dwarf standard) 60cm This peach has a bounty of good eating, juicy, white fleshed fruit. Self Fertile Late $49.99
Peach Snow Grace A sweet, juicy, low acid, white fleshed peach. Prolific cropper with good sized, round, red blushed fruit. Clingstone. Spreading tree. Self Fertile Mid $49.99
Peach Spring Crest A reliable variety that produces large almost 'fuzzless' fruit early in the season around mid Dec. The freestone flesh is yellow, sweet and juicy with an exquisite flavour.  Self Fertile Early  Unavaible in 2019
Peach Sweet Perfection A tasty freestone peach with red-pink skin and yellow flesh. Shows good resistance to leaf curl so can be grown without spraying.     SOLD OUT
Peach Wiggins Old standard. White juicy flesh with superb flavour. Self Fertile Early $49.99

Please note: numbers are limited on certain varieties.