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Fruit  Variety Description Pollinators Fruiting Season  Retail 
Cherry Compact Stella Heavy and regular bearer of large dark red fruit with firm light red flesh. One of the best known sweet cherries. Grows to around 3m. Self Fertile Mid $54.99
Cherry Dawson An old favourite with its sweet flesh and black skin when ripe. Pollinator Stella Mid $49.99
Cherry Lapins Large dark red fruit with firm juicy flesh. A commercial mainstay in many areas. Self Fertile Mid to Late  $49.99
Cherry Cherry Stella Edabriz Interstem  
Dwarf rootstock between root and the variety means this variety will only grow to 2.5-3 m tall.     $49.99
Cherry Summit A beautiful glossy cherry. A very delicious high quality cherry with crunch. Compact Stella is an ideal pollinator. Early to mid. $49.99
Cherry DOUBLE Cherry Lapins / Dawson ( individual descriptions listed above)     SOLD OUT

Please note: numbers are limited on certain varieties.