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Fruit  Variety Description Pollinators Fruiting Season  Retail 
Apricot  Aprigold  Bears full size, highly coloured, tangy flavoursome fruit. Dwarf variety - grows only to 1.8m.   Self fertile Early $54.99
Apricot  Cluthagold Large fruit with a real apricot flavour. Orange skin with a slight red blush. Lovely eating. Available late January most years. Pollinate with Sundrop for excellent results. Self fertile Late  $49.99
Apricot  Cluthalate Sweet, juicy, melting flesh.  Best in areas with cold winters and hot, dry summers. Medium sized fruit.   Self fertile Late Unavailable in 2019
Apricot Fitzroy New Plymouth selection. Medium size golden fruit, ripens in February. Heavy cropper. Self fertile   $49.99
Apricot  Katy Cot Large, all-purpose flavourful freestone fruit.  Good eating and also makes excellent jam. Semi-dwarf - 4m. Well suited to warm-winter climates. Self fertile Early  $49.99
Apricot  Moorpark Superb flavoured, medium to large, juicy soft fruit. Best suited for cooler climates. Great for eating, bottling or drying. Self fertile Mid $49.99
Apricot  Royal Rosa Freestone with tasty firm gold flesh, yellow skin with a red blush. Recommended for home gardens throughout the country. Self fertile Very Early  $49.99
Apricot  Sundrop Excellent cropper with sweet and juicy yellow fruit with firm flesh over long season. Partially self fertile, but best planted with Trevatt for cross pollination. Suitable for many regions. Partially self fertile Mid  $49.99
Apricot  Tomcot Very large, almost peach-sized fruit, which have a strong red blush over orange skin.  High quality freestone fruit with an intense flavour. Self fertile Mid  SOLD OUT
Apricot  Trevatt ‘Trevatt’ is a mid-late (Feb-Mar) season variety. It is a vigourous, prolific fruiter, that produces medium-sized yellow fruit with good flavour. Self fertile Mid- late $49.99

Please note: numbers are limited on certain varieties.