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Grafted Walnut Meyric Not only is 'Meyric' a fast growing stately tree it has been selected as an excellent cultivar for nut production. Large nuts are produced on a relatively large tree. Best results will be produced when more than one variety of Walnut is planted. 139.00
Grafted Walnut Shannon Shannon' is a NZ variety from the Manawatu region that produces clean well filled nuts. The nuts are ready for eating when they fall to the ground. The tree is fast growing and should produce nuts when the tree is 3-5 years old. 139.00
Grafted Walnut Wilson's Wonder Produce very large nuts of mild flavour with a light coloured kernel skin.  Excellent shelf life. Favoured by home orchardists who prize its easy to open, large nuts. 139.00

Please note: numbers are limited on certain varieties.